There comes a time when relying on your pet can put you in a bit of an embarrassing situation, especially when your pet is a bird or a cat. If it was a dog, you could call out to him from anywhere and he would come running but if your pet is the feathered kind, he might just do the opposite, as one owner found out. Also Read - Lucknow: Case filed against Sapna Chaudhary

It was a bit of a bizarre situation that involved an inspector, his pet parrot, and an alleged abductor of the bird. The owner, inspector Ram Kripal, posted in the PAC, claimed that the parrot had been stolen by his neighbour. The neighbours, on the other hand, claimed that the parrot was theirs. Also Read - Lucknow: Body found at abandoned vacant plot

Unable to solve the problem among themselves, the matter reached the Ashiana Police Station where the station in-charge tried to solve the matter the Akbar-Birbal way.

According to the policeman ruling over the matter, the best way is to open the cage and let the parrot decide for itself who its owner was.

“The parrot will obviously go to its master,” he confidently told the claimants.

He stepped up to the cage and opened it, and the parrot seeing its chance, hopped out of the cage and flew right out of the police station.

Needless to say that both the claimants had to return home empty-handed, and perhaps a little disappointed.