The internet is full of creepy snake videos that show the reptile in the different environment and the latest to join the list of the freakish videos is that of a snake crawling out of an AC to eat a rat! The video of reptile attacking the rodent will leave you horrified and is completely unreal. This scene has gone viral as people are terrified of this new possible entry way for snakes into any household. Shot in an ordinary house, the snake is seen entering the house through the gap in a split AC’s flaps as the shiny serpent glides through the open air conditioner and gets hold of the rat. Spider crawls out of Indian woman’s ear! Watch terrifying video of doctors coaxing out the spiderAlso Read - Tips on How to Keep Viral And Other Infections at Bay Amidst the Changing Weather

The video was originally shared by Facebook page known as Sure Boh Singapore, and the entire episode was caught on camera by the family that witnessed this terrifying scene. The viral video has been shared by various netizens and shows the snake easily camouflaging as an AC pipe before it decided to attack the rat and gulp it down. The video shows the rat being swallowed face up by the snake as it drags it inside the air conditioner. The snake is seen going back into the AC having caught its prey easily and left the entire family in utter shock. Python vs King Cobra: Watch Viral video of Battle of snakes at MacRitchie trail
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This video will make you think twice about the safety of your closed and secured air conditioned room as the snake had easy access to the house through the air vent. Rats are said to be the favourite snacks for the reptiles, and this snake went through great lengths to gain its meal. The incident occurred in summer when the AC was actually used the most. This made people question the possibility of reptiles and rodents entering into the house even through a working air conditioning system. Also Read - Viral Video: Bride and Groom Left Shell-Shocked as Wedding Cake Falls Over, But There's a Twist

Watch the video of snake coming out of AC to eat rat here

This is not the first instant of a snake coming out of the AC vent. However, the entire episode has brought back the question of safety and is freaking people out on the internet. While the air conditioner model scene in this video is quite old, it is clear that we need to enquire if our ACs are actually snake proof in addition to being eco-friendly!