Everyone’s a gangsta until Snoop Dogg arrives and sensational YouTuber and NBC’s talk show host Lilly Singh felt the same as she dropped the news of bagging Season 2 of ‘A Little Late With Lilly Singh‘. While the star dropped the news with a dramatic video shot after the wrap of season 1 on December 13 2019, it was a recent one with Snoop Dogg that grabbed all the eyeballs.Also Read - MrBeast's Buried Alive For 50 Hours is The Most Viewed YouTube Video of 2021. See the Top 10 List

Knowing no chills, Lilly dropped the video hilarious talking to her future self as she asked her two versions and fans to join in the celebrations of bagging season 2 of the widely watched talk show. She captioned it, “I shot this video on December 13 2019, and I’d love for you to join me in watching it today. Never underestimate the power of manifestation and hard work. We got a season two baby. Let’s do this” and punctuated it with a red heart emoji. Also Read - US Man Orders Indian Street Food In Fluent Bengali, Enjoys Mishti, Puchka & Roshogulla | Watch

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In less than 24 hours, Lilly shared another video where legendary rapper Snoop Dogg can be seen requesting NBC to give Lilly a season 2 as the crowd on the sets of the previous one broke into cheers and hooting. She revealed in the caption, “The real reason I got a season two 😂 thank you @snoopdogg (sic)”. Lilly added in the comments section, “I’ve been holding onto this gem for a while. SO GLAD I GOT TO POST IT HAHHA (sic).”

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The real reason I got a season two 😂 thank you @snoopdogg ❤️

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Lilly Singh ditched her pseudo name, Superwoman, last year. Her latest feat as the host of NBC’s talk show has done little to amp her outlook as a mature adult as she continues to be recognised for her unmatchable sense of humour. The star’s A Little Late with Lilly Singh streamed on NBC at the 1:30 am spot. It was aired in India from September 21, 2019 and was a major hit to amp up her fan list.

Fans can’t keep calm and we don’t blame them as we are equally excited and waiting on the edge for A Little Late with Lilly Singh Season 2.