They say small houses have the biggest hearts and a migrant worker reportedly walking to her home village on foot from Nashik, was seen caring about her pet dog and duck despite the challenges of walking several miles with added baggage in the summer heat. At a time when not only animals are being eyed speculatively for zoonotic threats but also hatred towards minority communities is challenging the very secular fabric of the country, this migrant worker taught netizens a lesson or two about empathy. Also Read - Eid Mubarak: Twitterati Keeps the Spirit of Eid Alive, Wishes For Peace & Harmony in the World

The picture was shared by Indian Forest Service official, Parveen Kaswan who had received it through WhatsApp on his smartphone. It features the migrant woman carrying the two pets in her arms along with added baggage while hitting the highway. The picture was captioned, “The forward says this family was walking on a highway. With all the property they have. See they didn’t leave their pets behind. Here many people are abondning them on small issues. Such a good lesson by this family. Via whatsapp (sic).” Also Read - PETA India Offers Up to Rs 50,000 Reward For Information on TikTok Teens Who Drowned A Dog

Moving the Twitterati with its emotional and thoughtful content, the picture immediately went viral. While one user commented, “People in small houses have the biggest hearts (sic)”, another wrote, “Their love for the animals is stronger than so many challenges they are facing The puppy seems so secure! Dog face Yes, the mindless cruelty of abandoning family pets is one of the worst things people to do animals… (sic)” and yet another wrote, “The picture has touched the heart (sic).”

Check out Twitter’s gush-worthy messages for the migrant worker here:


Recently, a migrant worker who was walking back to her village in Madhya Pradesh was forced to give birth on the roadside on Tuesday. She was traveling on foot from Nashik in Maharashtra to Satna in Madhya Pradesh due to the coronavirus lockdown. What’s more harrowing is the fact that just after two hours after her delivery, she walked another 150 km, before she could find any help.

Our heart goes out to the plight of the migrant workers across the country and we hope that the authorities cater help to them soon!