Bengaluru: Ever since Baba ka Dhaba’s success story heralded a new social media trend, many such heartwarming stories of struggle amid Covid-19 have come to the fore. In another, such instance, a picture of an aged man selling flower pots in the hot sun in Bengaluru caught the eye of netizens, who pledged to help him. The internet worked its magic again and managed to bring a smile on Revanna Siddappa’s face.Also Read - After 'Baba Ka Dhaba', Help Pours in For Elderly Man Who Sells Plants on The Roadside in Bengaluru

Notably, Siddappa sells medicinal plants at Rs 10 to Rs 30 while holding an umbrella with one hand to protect himself from sunlight.

After the picture of Siddappa sitting on the road became viral, a few residents provided him with a table, chair and umbrella. Not just that, his sales have also doubled!

While speaking to ANI, Revanna Siddappa said, “I am 79 years old and I used to sell medicinal plants on the roadside of Kanakpura road. Somebody noticed me and took a picture and put it everywhere.”

“After that, I got so much help from people. I got a table to keep saplings, a chair and an umbrella. Earlier, I used to sell around five saplings but now the number has doubled,” he added.

“I have been selling plants for the last 3 years. I do not want to take loan money from anyone. I will earn on my own,” he said.

Earlier, Change Makers of Kanakapura Road, an umbrella organisation of resident welfare associations, also came out and donated him a canopy umbrella to provide him with the shade. They also promised that they would be raising funds to help generate sustainable income for Siddappa.