Sofia Hayat aka Gaia Sofia Mother is spicing up things in her relationship with fiancé, the Cosmic Father. The social media star Instagrammed a racy picture of the couple flaunting their backs after getting cupping therapy done. Sofia Hayat has shown no inhibitions in this bold photo by stripping down to her panty, with her fiancé accompanying the British model turned nun in shorts. From the announcement of becoming a nun, surprise engagement ceremony to getting swastika tattoos inked on feet and calling herself équal to Buddha, sexy model turned nun Sofia Hayat has been quite a source of entertainment on the internet. Sofia Hayat tattoos Swastika symbol on her feet, angers social media! See controversial picture.Also Read - Netizen Accuses Sofia Hayat-Abhinav Shukla of Having 'One Night Stand', She Says 'Didn't Know Until I Googled Him'

Thanks to the photo-sharing app, celebs like Sofia managed to stay in the news headlines. The 32-year-old in her latest attempt to seek attention posted a picture and wrote, “We just got back from a major cupping session!!!! Feeling very sleepy now. Tension in the shoulders and back has gone.” Sofia Hayat and her fiancé have their bare backs showing the marks sustained during the cupping therapy. The former model and reality TV star is wearing nothing than a green g-string in the ungraceful photograph. Check out hot and sexy pictures of Sofia Hayat. Also Read - Salman Khan Has Not Grown: Bigg Boss Contestant Sofia Hayat Lashes Out in an Explosive Post

Sofia Hayat’s picture not only evoked reactions from her followers on the Instagram but also had her close friend and reality show star, Rakhi Sawant in a complete shock. Rakhi without understanding the meaning of ‘cupping therapy’ like a concerned friend posted a comment below Sofia’s post. She wrote, “Oh my god what’s wrong what is that Sofia.” There’s nothing to worry, Rakhi. Your friend belongs to the same category as yourself of seeking uncalled for attention. Also Read - Sofia Hayat Bashes Fan Who Highlights Rohit Sharma's Achievements, Says 'I Don’t Value a Person by What he Has' | SEE POSTS

We just got back from a major cupping session!!!! Feeling very sleepy now. Tension in the shoulders and back has gone..

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The model is gushing over her marriage with her fiancé ever since she announced her engagement. One of the captions below a pic of the pair gives an indication of Sofia’s love for her man. She writes, “I cannot wait for our sacred union and blessings infront of all of our friends. We will be blessed in the Temple of Awakening.. our religion is Peace and Love, all religions are Peace and Love. Islam, and that encompasses the All..the all is humanity whom we love dearly. The children of Heaven and of our sovereignty of Love. As our Unconditional love grows in the womb of Mother Earth..she will be known to all those with open hearts and minds..those without judgement and fear.” If all this is not making sense, worry not, the lengthy cryptic message continues further.

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“Fear exists no more..Mother has found her Son the Father of All. In the rising of Egypt..all will know the truth in their hearts as true as our love for each other. You found me once again after thousands of are the true Sun..I give the power of my sacred womb to you in your reverence of the sacred divine feminine energies. As all of Man must revere the sacred female creative power as do you. She has risen. You are my breath for all of humanity. I love you. Infinitely yours across all dimensions. Gaia Mother Sofia.”

I love you so much..I never knew what love was .. until I felt it from you… the father..the love..infinitely always across all dimensions! You are the beat of my heart..each breath that I are me..

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Not just the bonding over cupping therapy but Sofia Hayat is all hots for her fiancé, who poses no less dramatic in her posts. Many of her latest photos on Instagram has Sofia sexed up with her man. From posting kissing pictures to a pure overdose of sexualized photographs, former Bigg Boss contestant’s account has it all. Keep entertaining (read: shocking) the world, Sofia Hayat.