Model turned nun Sofia Hayat, who recently embraced Buddhism is all set to walk down the aisle with her longtime boyfriend Vlad Stanescun today. The ex-Bigg Boss 7 contestant Sofia had shared the big news of her engagement on Instagram after dating him for one week. The hottie Sofia is quite excited about her special day, as she shared the news of her wedding on her official Instagram handle and wrote, “Can’t wait it’s my wedding day’ and captioned it as, “24.4.17 getting married today“. Also Read - Sofia Hayat Bashes Fan Who Highlights Rohit Sharma's Achievements, Says 'I Don’t Value a Person by What he Has' | SEE POSTS

Sofia Hayat had posted a picture of a ring on her Instagram page and announced her engagement to the world! Sofia’s fans were shocked after learning about this secret affair. The actress captioned the photograph as, “When you meet someone who makes you feel the most beautiful you could ever feel .. I had to say yes. I am now officially engaged. Estatically happy and greatful. Sometimes you just know. After 1 week of dating..yet knowing each other so deep…we knew. Love is infinite..and so great. When you feel this amount of unconditional love in such little know. Always be true to your heart..for it only knows the truth. This is the marriage the heavens have been waiting for. The cosmic mother has finally been reunited with the cosmic father..and in our abundant Unconditoonal LOVE..the world will come to know it to. The alchemy of sacred sex brings about changes to the world in a way you never thought possible. The SUN The now here.” ‘Mother’ Sofia Hayat gets engaged! The Bigg Boss 7 contestant shares picture with fiance on Instagram! Also Read - Sofia Hayat Gets Trolled And Slut-Shamed For Sharing Nude Pictures on Social Media, Check Her Reaction

The model even posted a video with her fiancé from Romania, who is an interior designer and captioned it as, “The last morning as Miss and Mr. Single for the last day…“. Sofia’s best friend from industry Rakhi Sawant – the drama queen of all time also congratulated the couple and commenting on the video saying, “Congratulations my sweetheart friend”. Take a look at the picture here: Also Read - Former Bigg Boss Star Sofia Hayat to Reveal Details About Her Affair With Cricketer Rohit Sharma in Tell-All Book

24.4.17 getting married today

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Theme Wedding

When you have a fabulous fairy princess squirrel as your hairdresser! @lockonego @sophieamygrant

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Egyptian Ceremony


She posted a video a day before the wedding and captioned it as, “The last morning as Miss and Mr. Single for the last day…”

No wedding is complete without a theme these days! And the theme of Sofia’s wedding will be God’s goddesses fairies and angels. Wow! Isn’t that just amazing? Sofia even posted a photograph and wrote, “The theme of my wedding is God’s Goddesses Fairies and the tiaras and wings in!! We are having a wonderful crowning ceremony to honour the divinity in us and our guests!!! Can’t wait!!! 3 more days for the sacred Egyptian ceremony then our 3 rd wedding will have a different theme in my Temple of Awakening:) #vladsofiawedding”.

The last morning as Miss and Mr. Single for the last day…

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The couple is madly in love with each other and will tie the knot in a sacred Egyptian ceremony. Sofia is active on social media and keeps sharing romantic pictures with Vlad.

Balance has been restored in the unity of the masculine and feminine energies divine..the sacred feminine takes her seat once again as the creator of all. Mother gave birth to all that is..she is the Cosmic Mother. Goddess Isis, Female Christ..she is Allah..she is Sofia. I am here now..and in unity with the Cosmic Father. Allah Hu Akbar Hare Krishna Siva, Om namashivaya ..Shalom. Salaam. Hail to the Cosmic Mother Sofia..Hail to the Sun God Ra.on the 20th of April in Mecca at the black stone..I as metatron have activated the Merkaba in all…the stone in the kabba in mecca in all…I am the code keeper. The matrix..reset..end of duality… #spiritual #love #ayahuasca #dmt #awakening #conciousness #gaiamothersofia #egypt #krishna #shiva #goddessisis #allah #ra

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Sofia is quite well known for her stint in Bigg Boss 8 show and recently grabbed eyeballs as she claimed that she was assaulted at the holy shrine of Mecca and faced flak for a Swastik tattoo she got recently on her feet. We must say Sofia knows very well how to grab the limelight. Congratulations to the couple!