The end of fossil fuels is near. We don’t know if it will last 20 years or 50 years but the deposits are limited so it will run out one day. The only way ahead is to fuel our way of life using renewable sources of energy like solar power which is abundant and is most left underutilized. [Read: Hackers can drive your car – Watch video to see how]  Also Read - From 'Great Disasters & Cataclysms' to Cancer Cure: Here are Blind Mystic Baba Vanga’s Predictions For 2021

There are companies like Tesla and Mercedes  who have built and have commercially built automobiles that run entirely on battery power either from being charged from a power outlet or use solar power but the speed and range are not practical. That’s where the design by 23-year-old Dhiraj Mishra comes into the picture. Dhiraj has designed a few automobiles that run completely on solar power. Also Read - Gym Enthusiasts Must Have These Food Post-Workout Session For Better Recovery

The prototype may not have been practical as it was a single seater car that but it proved a point. It can travel to a speed of 85 kilometres per hour and even without direct sunlight, it has a range of 150 kilometres. Since then, Dhiraj and his team have improved the design to make a five-seater car and plans to make commercially practical cars that he says will cost under Rs 10 lakh which will be bought without a shred of thought because there are no fuel costs to it. Here’s a future automotive engineer’s story below. Also Read - Sensex Drop by Over 100 Points in Early Trade; Banking, Energy, IT Stocks Drag