Making us want to throw up at the very thought, an image of Nutella biryani went viral across the Internet making netizens cry foul at its existence. A cringeworthy image of a destructive platter of two individual mouthwatering dishes – Nutella and biryani, mixed together, surfaced on social media platforms which left netizens in jitters from head-to-toe at the “worst food combination ever.” Also Read - 'That Was Full Mithun Chakraborty': Netizens Left in Splits Over Viral Video of Monkey Wrapping Cloth Like Face Mask With Ultra Swag

After Gulab Jamun Pav and Kurkure Milkshake, the latest fusion food dish will not only leave you disgusted but is also sure to give lovers of the individual dishes a nightmare. The netizens took to their respective handles on the micro-blogging site to pour their angst on Twitter. While one user wrote, “I love nutella and I love biryani but nutella biryani is the worst food combination ever”, another tweeted, “Someone kill me please” and yet another expressed, “Nutella Biryani. Am I going nuts? oh ya I am. The person who made this has no right to intervene in biryani’s life. He should be in jail, this is something super illegal. #Wtfisnutellabiyani #Nutellabiryani” sic. Also Read - Payal Rohatgi’s Twitter Account Suspended Again, Urges People to Help Restoring Her Profile

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Surprisingly there were some who even defended the dish. While one person defended, “It will be interesting to taste Nutella Biryani”, another confessed, “After Chocolate Maggie now I will try nutella Biryani” and yet another sided with the combo-dish saying, “kinda wanna try nutella biryani tho” sic.

Check out tweets in support of Nutella biryani here:

Would you try this … ummm… new dare of 2020?