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Since the beginning of time man has fought wars over religion, politics, money and territory but would anyone go to war over a stupid, stoner movie?  After being accused of the Sony hacks, North Korea promised to escalate the issue by bombing the White House, the Pentagon and the US. Considering Uncle Sam, isn’t one to take things lying down, could these threats actually lead to a full-scale war? Also Read - YouTube Music For Wear OS To Now Let Users Stream, Download Content Over Wi-Fi, Even Without Phones Nearby

The statement came after the US formally accused the North Korean government of orchestrating the cyber-attack on Sony Pictures. ‘The army and people of the DPRK [North Korea] are fully ready to stand in confrontation with the US in all war spaces including cyber warfare space,’ a long statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency said. Also Read - Kim Jong Un Blasts Pandemic Response as North Korean COVID Outbreak Surges

Actually, it’s doubtful the two countries will go to war over a Seth Rogen movie because North Korea has a long history of issuing fiery statements over to the US and South Korea but seldom follows through with their threats. The statement was issued by the National Defence Commission, which is the most powerful body in North Korea and is chaired by Kim Jong-Un.

North Korea has long maintained that it didn’t carry out the attack but whoever did it was right. The statement accused Obama of rumour-mongering, and it also said it’s not going to attend a meeting at the UN Security Council to discuss the country’s human rights record.

A UN report had claimed that citizens of North Korea faced a lot of atrocities which include deliberate starvation, forced labour, executions, torture, political repressions and having to live with the fact that a South Korean broke YouTube (okay I might be making the last one up).