If you have friends who originate from a state in South India then you will know the plight of them being referred to as a Madrasi at some point. You may have done it too out of lack of knowledge but a revolutionary video is here to break the stereotypes and make India and the world realize that all South Indians are not the same. Also Read - Kiran Bedi Removed As Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry, Telangana Governor Given Additional Charge

The video has been cleverly split with subtitles to help people understand the difference as the four, three guys and a girl, try to explain the differences. Ranging from geographical differences to food from different states and the different superstars from different states, the video tries to stay polite while breaking a disturbing stereotype that the other part of India treats the southern part of India as a single state. Here’s the video that tries to break barriers. Also Read - From Truck Accident At Kuthiran Climb To Toll Booth Digitisation: Top News From Kerala

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