We have no idea what the makers of Spark were thinking when they released this trailer, we doubt they were even thinking! Spark stars Rajniesh Duggal, Subhashree Ganguly & Daisy Shah. The movie is directed by V.K. Singh, which comes in the boldest letters possible at the end of the trailer.Also Read - Mother's Day Special | Daisy Shah on Having a Mom Who Loves to Travel And Living Her Life to The Fullest

The trailer starts with model trying to turn actor Rajniesh Duggal beating shit out of someone and until you try to figure out what the hell is happening, a song with some weirdly lame lyrics pops out of nowhere. The song starts like ‘Ishq da virus lagaya, dill ke software me’, talk about senseless lyrics. The moment you try to digest these lame lyrics, a romantic number is thrown at your face. If you thought all this was random then what happens next is the most random shot in the trailer. Apparently, the lady love (Subhashree Ganguly) of Rajniesh Duggal gets vanished, now don’t ask how, we bet even the director himself can’t answer that question. And after her vanishing, and some uncles with paunch drinking alcohol, there are some weird dialogues and action sequences. Also Read - SPOTTED! Sidharth Malhorta-Kiara Advani, Gauhar Khan-Zair Darbar Snapped in Mumbai

If you last till the end of the trailer (which by the way is a very difficult task!), there is an ultimate dialogue which goes like ‘Aaj bhi mujhe uski talaash hai’. Also Read - Daisy Shah Supports TikTok Ban in India, Says 'Why Give Them That Much of Profit When it Comes to Using Their Apps'

So, if you want laugh out loud for 2-3 minutes, then watching this trailer is a good option!