Desi Spider-Man Also Read - 3 Brothers Let Black Widow Spider Sting Them Hoping They Would Turn into Spider-Man, Hospitalised

Are you a big fan of superheroes, and especially Spider-Man? Well, you gotta check out this desi version of the superhero to have a good laugh. Or who knows? You could even become a fan of his! The lady in this song is clearly in love with this Desi Spiderman from a movie of the same name! Oh yes, this film was allegedly shot in north India, and has a Bollywood song dedicated to this weird and childish desi version of the heroic comic and film character. Spider-Man here is dancing and running around trees with his girl! No kidding. Also Read - Trending News Today April 23, 2020: Spiderman Could Not Sit And Watch Elderly Self-Isolate in Turkey so HERE's What Antalya's Peter Parker is Doing Amid COVID-19 | Watch

This video is to be watched with friends and everyone must roll on the floor with laughter! LOL! Have fun. Check out the Desi Spiderman here. (ALSO SEE: Evian shows the cutest li’l Spider-Man in its new The Amazing Baby & Me 2 ad!) Also Read - Indonesian Man Dresses Up as Spider-Man To Clean Up Plastic Waste, Urges Others to Do the Same

Watch video here!