Kanittha Thongnak, an online retailer from Thailand’s Phetchabun, has gone viral on social media after she adopted a rather weird marketing strategy to sell clothes online. Interesting, she started dressing up as a zombie to sell the clothes of dead people in sales streamed live on social media.Also Read - This Japan Company is Offering Coffins, Chainsaws & Zombies to Help People Deal With Covid-19 Stress

And it worked! Her online audience increased ever since she started appearing as a zombie in front of her customers virtually. This is because many Thais believe in ghosts and spirits.

As per a Reuters report, she wears scary make-up and takes around three hours to complete her zombie look. She then hosts her online sessions late at night during which she tells buyers exactly how the owners of each item died. Spooky, right?

“All the clothes belong to dead people who died from different causes. Since I started to wear scary make-up, the audience increased to five or six thousand,” Kanittha told Reuters.

She sells branded and designer clothes at relatively low prices for anything up to 100 baht ($3.2) and sources them from funeral directors after monks give prayers for the dead. Whatever money she makes from the business, she donates a part of it to Buddhist temples.

Kanittha first got this idea while attending a funeral, where she saw clothes of the deceased burned, in accordance with tradition.

“It depends on customers whether they want to buy clothes or not. If they want to buy, they will buy it and they don’t get scared,” she said.