The coronavirus lockdown has emboldened a good number of animals worldwide to venture into areas inhabited by humans, and while some just pass by, others have ended up where they should not have. The latest among our four legged friends to land in a spot of trouble, is a spotted deer which crash landed into a house in the Powai area of Mumbai.Also Read - Mother, Daughter Build Cardboard Car to Drive to McDonald's Serving Only Drive-thru Customers

According to forest officials, the incident, which took place on Sunday, was possibly caused by a leopard chasing the deer. The deer, in its haste to escape the wild cat, jumped onto the roof of the house in the Hanuman Tekdi area. The roof, made out of a thin cement sheet, broke with the weight of the deer and it dropped into the house below. Also Read - Covidiot: Not Understanding Purpose, Woman Cuts Hole in Her Face Mask so She Can Breathe

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Forest officials, who received the call at about 1:30 am that a deer had crash landed inside a house in the Powai slum area, could not believe their what they were hearing.

A video that has emerged showed the deer sitting still next to a cupboard and fridge looking bewildered. Luckily nobody was injured even though there were four to five people sleeping in the house at the time.

NGO Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare (RAWW), which worked on rescuing wildlife, said many in the locality were woken up by the loud noise, and were shocked to find the deer.

Range Forest Officer Santosh Kank said the deer was rescued and taken to to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park where it is being treated.