Bus accidents are on high rate, every now and then we hear that a bus has fallen off the bridge or have met with an accident in which many people lost their lives. In between all these accidents, an ST bus that was traveling from Maharashtra to Aurangabad had on board several passengers when it’s driver was busy in mobile phone browsing Facebook and chatting over WhatsApp. In between his chit-chat time, he did have a chance to look at the road and see if everything is fine. Interestingly, a passenger made his video and put it up on social media which later went viral.Also Read - From TV to Mobile Phones, Locals in Bhopal Villages Get Rewards For Ensuring Cleanliness at Their Homes & Surroundings

Sadly, The driver was so engrossed in his social media world that he forgot about the lives of passengers that were traveling with him. The negligence of the driver would have resulted in a bad accident where along with the driver, the passengers who were traveling with him could have lost their lives or seriously injured themselves. Such negligence of the driver is also one of the reasons for the accidents that occur so frequently. Luckily, none of the passengers got injured during the journey but after watching the video people are urging the State Transport Authority of India to suspend the driver for his negligence behavior. Also Read - Viral Video: Woman Performs Belly Dance on Viral Manike Mage Hithe, Netizens Can't Get Enough | Watch

Recently, a bus which was traveling from Bhubaneswar to Bhawanipatna fell off the bridge, killing two people and nearly 30 people were injured. We all are addicted to our Smartphone, but while driving or crossing the road, let’s keep our eyes on the road to secure us from any kind of accident that might take away our life. Also Read - Viral Video: Dancing Dad Ricky Pond Grooves to Salman Khan’s 'Dil Di Nazar' Song, Impresses Indians | Watch