Channel V was possibly one of young India’s first encounter with cool and hip music, along with MTV, when it started operations in India over two decades ago. The channel was not only known for its music programming but also for introducing the 90s kids to some of the coolest video jockeys (VJ). However, in the last few years, Channel V has been faced with dwindling viewership numbers and despite several attempts by its parent company Star India, the situation doesn’t seem to have improved. As a result, Star India has reportedly decided to pull the plug on Channel V and is instead launching a Kannada sports channel soon. When the news broke, fans of Channel V’s content were very disappointed and took to Twitter to express the fond memories they had.

Anuradha Menon excited about her first theatrical monologue

Anuradha Menon excited about her first theatrical monologue

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From the hilarious Lola Kutty (played by Anu Menon) who had us ROFL with her Malayali accent to the spunky VJ Andy who wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, to Udham Singh—the Haryanvi jat (played by Munish Makhija), Channel V has given us some of the most memorable VJ’s. The Channel also boasts of giving a platform to VJ’s like Anusha Dandekar, Purab Kohli and Sophiya Haque, who have since become a recognisable face in the entertainment industry. Even the channel’s advertising, ”Itna Paisa mein Itna-ich milega?’, has become so popular that it is used even today by people in their conversations. Also, most of us would remember the shows Dare to date, D4 and Get Gorgeous. Also Read - Anusha Dandekar Hits Back With 'Truth' Post After Karan Kundra Denies Cheating Allegations Post Breakup

But with the entry of more and music and entertainment channels, Channel V reportedly struggled to maintain its viewership numbers. The channel stopped broadcasting music in 2015 and focussed on youth-oriented shows. It again switched back to music a year later. And now, as the strategies haven’t worked, Star India has decided to discontinue Channel V operations in India, and this has left fans feeling very sad. So here is how the Tweeple have been reacting: Also Read - Anusha Dandekar Gives Befitting Reply to Troll Who Wants to Send Bra to Her: ‘I am Good Without Them’

Tweeple are disheartened!

Remember VJ Nonie?

Shoutout to Lola Kutty fans!

Fans want a farewell!

Channel V was the perfect launchpad for beginners

To revive its ratings, Channel V also went in for a complete overhaul of its branding with a new logo and tagline. The new campaign, created by BBH India, came up with a risky positioning of Channel V The Shallowest Place on TV. The idea was that they would only play great music with great videos. But the competition was getting tougher with more and more channels coming up, like MTV launching MTV Beats. The modes of music consumption also varied, with digital disrupting the television viewership to some extent. And while most of us would be guilty of not watching Channel V, or for that matter TV, for quite some time, it is still very sad to know that a part of our childhood will soon cease to exist.