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In what can be called one of the most amazing videos in recent times, The Federal Bank has come up with a promotional ad spot for voting, which not only delivers a strong message, but also does it in a creative way. The Maharashtra and Haryana Assembly Elections 2014 will be conducted on October 15. One would have seen many ads which encourage the public to vote, but this video carries a powerful message in a simple manner that would surely persuade you to ink your finger in this election. Also Read - Thousands of Maharashtra Farmers Reach Mumbai to Protest Agri Laws, to Hold Rally at Azad Maidan Today

The video takes you through several illustrations of ink marks denoting different circumstances one might face prior to voting. The ink mark (voting ink) signifies what the common man has to face in his daily life.  The ad spot describes the different symbolic impressions of the ink that is identical to the voter be it of any size. The video indicates that your problem may be ‘chota or bada,’ be it a problem of your locality or Maharashtra as a whole; only pointing a bare finger (not voting) to a problem won’t be of any help. Also Read - Samples of Poultry From 16 Maharashtra Districts Test Positive For Bird Flu | Complete List Here

If an individual actually wants do something substantial, then “ungli toh karni padegi (will have to ink their finger)” on the voting day which falls on October 15. The narrator splendidly says catchy phrases in the background to motivate the voters to come out vote in large numbers.

It is indeed a commendable effort from a leading private sector bank to come forward in order to inspire people and make them aware of the elections and the need to cast their valuable vote.

Have a look at the video below: