As the world deals with the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it is the doctors and medical professionals who have been the frontline soldiers in the war against the deadly virus. At a time when people are safely locked inside their homes, it is these people who work excruciatingly long hours to provide the best care to their patients, while exposing themselves to the risk of getting the infection. Also Read - Amit Shah Directs Delhi Top Cop to Take Action After Doctors Evicted From Homes Over COVID-19 Fears

Now, giving a sneak peek into his life, an emergency room doctor from New York has shared what his day looks like in the hospital amid the novel coronavirus outbreak. Also Read - Forceful Eviction of COVID-19 Treating Doctors: AIIMS Writes to HM Shah Against Landlords

In a lengthy Twitter thread, Dr Craig Spencer describes the hardships, the long hours and the daily struggles he faces in the Emergency room everyday. Notably, he is the director of global health in Emergency Medicine at New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center.

Here’s the thread:

“Wake up at 6:30 am. Priority is making a big pot of coffee for the whole day, because the place by the hospital is closed. The Starbucks too. It’s all closed. On the walk, it feels like Sunday. No one is out. Might be the freezing rain. Or it’s early. Regardless, that’s good,” he wrote.

He says how he is paged every hour and how the hospital is brimming with patients:

While treating multiple patients, he often forgets to drink water as well and eating also has to be done in a rushed way because each minute is precious.

Spencer remarks how every case is that of the Covid-19 disease at the hospital.

”Where did all the heart attacks and appendicitis patients go? Its all COVID”, he says.

After completing his shift, he goes on to sanitise everything from his phone, badge and wallet, and walks home through empty streets.

He reaches home at last!

In a cautionary note, he says that the world has been late to stop this virus, but still people can curtail its spread by staying inside their homes and only social distancing can save us.

H ends the thread on a heartwarming note and says, ”Do your part. Stay home. Stay safe. And every day I’ll come to work for you.”

The post has gone viral and people have thanked him for service to humanity, and saluted his dedication. One user said, ”Thank you for letting us all know how your transpires. Our thoughts and prayers with all Doctors and nurses that are working so hard. The American people have not forgotten you. God Bless and stay safe”.

Healthcare staff and doctors like him all over the world have been going the extra mile to help the world deal with this pandemic and they deserve our utmost respect.