(Below post is totally fake and written in the spirit of April Fools’ Day celebrations on 1st of April. Go ahead and have a hearty laugh over fictitious scenario.)Also Read - Assam-Mizoram Border Row: PM Narendra Modi to Meet Assam MPs over Border Dispute

The Indian telecom sector has turned into a running track as service providers like Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL and Reliance Jio are in a race to gain the maximum market share. Ever since the entry of Reliance Jio into the telecom marker back in 2016, service providers have been giving extremely lucrative offers to retain the customers. Reliance Jio was the first to bring in the bargain of free data which drastically cut down the internet charges in India. However, the battle of tariff plans will finally come to an end as the Indian government has announced that free internet is a basic right. According to reports, Narendra Modi-led government will be making the internet free of cost in both 3G/4G enabled handsets as well as basic 2G phones. Also Read - PM Narendra Modi to Launch e-RUPI on August 2: Know All About The New Digital Payment Platform

This news will finally put an end to the long going bandwagon of cheap internet plans which provides limited data varying from 1 GB to 15 GB, based on the plan selected. The Indian government was earlier planning to install WiFi towers in various parts of the country, in an effort to make the internet readily available. However, the government has revealed its plan to make the internet provided by these service providers free, saving the investment of millions on the WiFi towers. The government of India plans to provide some basic subsidies and offers to the service providers instead, eating into the profits of the telecom giant. This move will assure people to get the best internet service free of cost. PM Modi strikes again with Remonetisation! Old Rs 500 and 1000 notes are now legal Currency as 90% black money recovered by demonetisation. Also Read - Kejriwal Govt Urges Centre to Confer Bharat Ratna on Environmentalist Sunderlal Bahuguna

Apart from providing free unlimited internet for all mobile phones, the second best part of this news is that the annoying television commercials of various brands like Airtel and the annoying, talkative girl, Reliance Jio and its off tune catchy songs, will no longer be needed! While the telecom giants will have to think of some alternative ways to mint money, netizens have all the reason to celebrate as they finally get some well deserved free internet! The effects of this news on various other sectors will only be revealed with time, but it is sure that Indians will finally enjoy some free data, starting this weekend!

Disclaimer: This news is a work of art that has been designed solely for the occasion of April Fools’ Day. Sadly you have been tricked, and your data will still cost you, but on the positive side, you still have time to prank others! Happy April Fools!