Unless you have been living under a rock, the memes on Kamlesh would have surely caught your attention. For those who are not familiar with the topic, a video clip of a 13-year-old Kamlesh talking under the influence of drugs had been going viral on social media recently. The video was then turned into memes by social media trolls. The apathy of the kid became viral and Kamlesh memes became a massive trend on the internet. Now, the video’s reality is finally out. Also Read - Will Make Water Supply in Delhi as Good as in Developed Countries: CM Kejriwal

The video is from a 2016 documentary ‘Nashebaaz – The Dying People of Delhi’. Directed by Dheeraj Sharma, the video shows the brutal reality of the homeless street children who are drug addicts. The documentary was first showcased at the London Film Festival in 2016 and won the first prize. It also won several other accolades. But in his homeland, Dheeraj became the target of trolls instead of appreciation. Also Read - Manish Sisodia's Health Update: Diagnosed With Dengue & COVID, Delhi Deputy CM Gets Plasma Therapy

Dheeraj explained how the clip went viral. According to him the trailer of the documentary was uploaded on YouTube by his cinematographer Neeraj Agnihotri after which an NGO named Rishikesh Seva Sansthan took it from there without their permission and all of this began. Also Read - Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, COVID-19 Positive, Also Diagnosed With Dengue After Being Hospitalised For Fever

Here is the trailer of Nashebaaz:

India.com spoke to Dheeraj about how a sensitive video clip was treated on social media and the furor it created and here is what he had to say:

Q: Why was the documentary made? What was the inspiration?

A: The documentary was made to serve people who live on roads and to create awareness and encourage society to understand the lives of thousands of people neglected because of circumstances. So that we can collectively work for their comeback. It was an inner voice and I followed. I have been doing it and will keep it up. I hear voices in my head, they talk to me and I understand. And trust me I am not sick I am very well.

Q: How did that particular clip of the documentary go viral?

A: The clip of Kamlesh was on Neeraj Agnihotri’s YouTube channel. After six months an NGO named Hrishikesh Seva Sadan took it without our permission and from there it went viral. It was Nashebaaz’s destiny to come up this way.

Q. What do you think about the memes and internet fuzz around it?

A: See the fight between Dharma and Adharma has been and will be. It is one who has to decide which side one has to fight for and from. They are doing their job quite well and I am working on mine. After all, this is what I have always asked for “Yudham dehi” “युद्धम देहि”

Q. What was the real message you wanted people to understand from the clip?

A: It is sad that I have to explain the message even though it is very clear in that 3.33 min video .”दो चार दिन नही पी थी ना तो खून की उलटी हो गई थी  (I vomited blood as I had not taken drugs for a couple of days),” says Kamlesh. This shows how insensitive we have become.

Q: Being the director of the documentary, how did you first react to it?

A: In an orderly reaction first came sadness, then came anger then pity and lastly encouragement.

Q: Did the trolls in any way have a positive impact on the documentary?

A: It is popular and I know when it will be published it is going to change many perceptions.

7. Where was the clip that went viral shot?

Q: It was shot at Rajiv Chowk Delhi 6 years ago. You can find many children like Kamlesh there.

A: Where is Kamlesh, did anyone come forward to help him?

A: Kamlesh is everywhere. You just have to be a little sensitive. Yeah, many people asked me about him so that they can help. Thanks to all of them, but see again – it is omnipresent and so anyone who really wants to help can start from anywhere. Stop looking superficially, go deep and then there is no sadness and pain. Kamlesh, Nandani, Dheeraj – they are just names.