New Delhi: In a terrible representation of Nagaland culture, a Delhi-based garment store ‘Kaku Fancy Dress’ has earned the ire of citizens for selling animal print outfits under the tag of “Tribal Nagaland costume”. Also Read - Days After Uproar, Nagaland Bans Import, Sale And Consumption of Dog Meat

The seller was using e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart to sell the product, which is equally being criticised for the blatant cultural appropriation, which has hurt the sentiments of many.

The issue was first raised by a Facebook page called “Decolonial Indigenous Memes”, that called out the store’s racist portrayal of Nagas and wrote, ”Recently, it has come to our notice that certain sellers on Amazon, Flipkart and Snapdeal are selling grossly misrepresenting racist “costumes” as Northeastern traditional attire (Naga, in this case). Our culture, our attires and our traditional symbols have already been reduced to a commodity which the mainland can exoticize.”

The page also shared an image of the actual traditional costume (Chakhesang Naga attire) worn by a Naga woman, adding, ”Such false and offensive representations are nothing new, yet these go on unchecked in the mainstream. It is time for indigenous people to be assertive so we can stop this nonsense”.

Soon after, many on Twitter criticised the store and Flipkart and demanded these racist costumes to be taken down. Some users also pointed out that the same store is also selling the product on other platforms like Amazon and Snpadeal.

One user wrote, ”@flipkartsupport stop being hungry for money which is based on inhumane ideas. misrepresentation of any society or culture is unacceptable.@flipkartsupport should take it seriously and remove such ads and sellers from its platform as soon as possible.”

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