The world is mostly homophobic and lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and queer are still fighting to get their love recognized and same-sex marriages legalized, after all love has no boundaries. However, most people in the world will beg to differ from this notion and especially men are a little hesitant in showing love for each other. However, a group of six YouTubers, two homosexuals and four heterosexual or straight men got together and decided to make a video of themselves kissing each other to prove the point that boy kissing a boy does not make you homosexual.Also Read - YouTube Starts Hiding Public Dislike Counts on All Videos

They began the video with sharing popular ideas and notions about platonic relationships men have with one another. The young men briefly spoke about all the social taboos that are related to heterosexual men like how they hug and how they behave and what kind of physical intimacy they share. The four heterosexual men – Elijah, James, David and Brodie had never kissed men before and so they decided to try it out partly out of curiosity and partly to make a point about sexuality, kissing and love. They kissed each other and kissed a lot and did not feel awkward about doing it. Girl Photoshops Ryan Reynolds Over Ex Boyfriend’s Picture And He Surprises Her With An Apt Reply Also Read - YouTube Introduces 'New to You' Feature that Helps to Discover New Creators, Content | Deets Inside

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Their sexual orientation did not change because they kissed men and neither did they feel bad about having kissed each other. They proved it that there is no point in harboring hate for someone who has a different mindset or opinion than you and being gay is inherent it is not something that you can catch by association.