Due to technological advances, kids these days are definitely getting a lot smarter!  In one such instance, a Twitter user recently shared one of his wife’s student’s funny attempts at skipping zoom class and avoiding questions by changing his screen name to ‘Reconnecting..’Also Read - Scary! Man Clicks Picture of 'Ghost' After Hearing Strange Noises, Zoom in on The Image & You Will Know!

The user named Chris Arnold, a DJ and radio presenter, is married to a teacher who told him about what was happening. He said that the kid had been doing this mischief for weeks and it took his wife days to figure out what was going on. Arnold also dubbed the kid, ‘already a bonafide genius’ adding that the lad doesn’t need to worry about his education.

Taking to Twitter, Arnold wrote, ”My wife is a teacher and apparently one kid has been changing his name to ‘Reconnecting’ during the Zoom lessons so that he doesn’t get asked any questions. Been doing it for weeks. The lad doesn’t need to worry about his education, he’s already a bona fide genius”. He later added: “Some more info – the lad actually put ‘Reconnecting…’ with ellipsis to really make it look genuine.

After the post went viral, some social media users were impressed with the kid’s brilliant approach, while some expressed sadness at the state of affairs.

One user wrote, ”Wow! I am saddened. Our nation’s youth has such a lack of respect for an education. This must change. Is being social the real reason our kiddos are suffering being out of school? The truth revealed. They don’t care about education. They’ve not been convinced of it’s importance.”Another added: “As long as he uses his power for good and not evil.”

Here are some other reactions to the viral tweet:


A while back, another kid had attempted the same trick but was caught instantly as he misspelt the word. Some students have also been creating fake username to fool teachers they are having internet problems.