Get ready to shudder! As if a 6-legged cockroach weren’t enough to make us squirm, now researchers from Singapore have discovered a new species of cockroach at the bottom of the Indian Ocean — a 14-legged giant cockroach!Also Read - Eww! Doctor Pulls Live Cockroach Out of Chinese Woman's Ear, It Had Crawled in While She Was Asleep

The gigantic cockroach was first spotted back in 2018, during an in-depth survey near the coast of Banten in Western Java in Indonesia. Now, after 2 years, the cockroach has been identified as belonging to a new species and has been given the name “Bathynomus raksasa”.

The discovery was a joint effort by a team from the National University of Singapore and the Research Center for Oceanography, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

Many have commented on how the 14-legged creature resembles ‘Darth Vader’, the legendary Star Wars character.

Bathynomus Raksasa is a giant isopod, a type of crustacean that resembles the cockroaches of the land but are more closely related to marine species like crabs and shrimp. The crustacean can grow up to 50 cm in size, making it the second-largest isopod species known to Science.

Though the creature has 14 legs, it uses these only to crawl along the bed of oceans in search of food.

Bathynomus Raksasa feeds on remains of other dead marine animals and just like other cockroaches, they can also survive without food for days.

“The discovery of new species is a great achievement for a taxonomist. Especially spectacular species in terms of size and even the ecosystem where the species is found,” Cayo Ramadi, from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences told the BBC.

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