Suchitra Karthik had been doing the rounds on the internet after she allegedly revealed intimate and private pictures of Kollywood stars like Dhanush, Simbu, singer-composer Anirudh Ravichander, actresses Hansika Motwani, Trisha Krishnan, and other celebritities. from a private party. However, the playback singer released another picture which reached a new low. Nude pictures of actress Anuya Bhagvath were allegedly leaked on Suchitra Karthik’s Twitter account. The images are going viral on the internet, and people have been calling out Suchitra Karthik for this low blow. However, the singer-radio jockey, who has made her Twitter private revealed that somebody has been hacking her Twitter and releasing these scandalous pictures. Suchitra Karthik’s Twitter Leaks: Dhanush’s sister Vimala Geetha responds to #SuchiLeaks, calls it fake porn.
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Suchitra Karthik Kumar also shared a schedule when more such scandalous pictures and videos will be released on the internet. A tweet from the singer’s account revealed that another shocking revelation would be made on Monday, March 6, 2017. The nude stills of Siva Manasula Sakthi actress were captioned, “Back on #Leelai.This time #Anya was forced for #Adjustment by a Top Director in one of the movies. Guess yourself who it would be”. This leak made allegations on a dark side of the Tamil movie industry. Suchitra Karthik leaks intimate pictures of Dhanush, Hansika Motwani, and other Tamil stars on Twitter! See shocking deleted pics posted online. Also Read - Dhanush Starrer Karnan to Hit The theatres Worldwide in April 2021 - Watch Teaser

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The Twitter account also had posts which made allegations that actors Dhanush and singer-composer Anirudh Ravichander spiked her drinks at a party and slept with her. These allegations were followed by a revelation that scandalous pictures and videos of the actors will be released and Suchitra Karthik’s Twitter account also had a schedule for the leak of these pictures. Sanchita Shetty responds to Suchitra Karthik’s Twitter leak! Says it is not her nude video.

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However, Suchitra Karthik has revealed that these photos and videos released on her Twitter were the work of some hacker, who has been targeting the singer. The singer has deactivated her old account and started a temporary account where she revealed that she has already registered a police complaint with the Chennai Police. Meanwhile, another account with her previous handle name, @sucitraKarthik has been activated simultaneously which promises some more scandalous leaks. Rana Daggubati is kissing Trisha in Suchitra Karthik’s Twitter leaks of intimate pictures.

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Suchitra Karthik spoke to Sun News and shared her side of the story. The Telugu playback singer said that her Twitter account has been hacked and the Chennai Police are already investigating the issue.

Here is Suchitra Karthik’s interview with Sun News

While Suchitra Karthik revealed that she does not socialise and has nothing to do with the private pictures and videos that were released online, the second Twitter account has one single tweet that more leaks are on the way.

The entire drama between Suchitra Karthik and various celebrities in the Tamil movie industry began when the singer shared a picture of her bruised arm on twitter. Various digs followed this image at Rajnikanth’s son-in-law, Dhanush and head of Isha Foundation, Yogi, Sadhguru. Suchitra Karthik posted these allegations on February 20, 2017, which made people question her mental state and her hint at a sex scandal in a Coimbatore ashram took many by shock. However, Suchitra’s husband, Karthik Kumar said later that the singer’s account had been hacked. This second incident of hacking seems to have taken things to a next level as the pictures shared and accusations made were clearly taking a dig at various hot shot celebrities in the South Indian movie industry.