Bengaluru: People in this world have weird obsessions and such addictions can have debilitating effects on their mental health. In one such case, an IT professional in Bengaluru suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), spent 10 hours bathing every day for seven months. Also Read - Novel App to Improve Lives of People With OCD: Study

His obsession to take baths increased so much, that his family had to finally take him to a psychiatrist. Also Read - Bigg Boss 12: Naagin Actor Karanvir Bohra Suffers From OCD; Instructs Housemates to Keep Things in Order

As per a Deccan Herald report, his daily expenses included using three full soap bars a day, almost a dozen plastic bags and of course, large quantities of water to keep up with a 10-hour bathing schedule. Also Read - Perfectionism in young children indicates OCD risk

When he entered a clinic recently for treatment, he appeared to have dry skin, deposits under his nails, and some residue in hair as per reports. According to the doctors, he did all this out of a fear that he would contact infections if that kind of hygiene was not maintained.

The doctor described how the man’s bathing session would start early in the morning before he left for office and four hours in the evening post office.

His condition worsened so much so that his mother went into a depression and on the other hand, his wife had to divorce him.

“He came to me until recently. He required to be put on medication and also cognitive-behavioural therapy,” said Dr Satish Ramaiah, senior psychiatrist at People Tree Hospital, stating that OCD was a manifestation of one of the forms of an anxiety disorder and could worsen with stress.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is the fourth most common psychiatric illness in the world.