Try out these yummy but healthy popsicles this summer to beat the heat! This one is from the Summer Daze series. So to start it off, this video gives you a fun take on making something to cool you down this summer. And what can make this summer more bearable than the mighty popsicle?Also Read - Do Salads And Soups Really Assist Weight Loss? Here's What we Know

This video shows how to make a better and healthier version of the sweet delight. All you need is an assortment of fresh fruits – strawberries, cherries, kiwi and watermelon, a popsicle mould and water. Also Read - Dubai Creates Fake Rain Using Drones As Temperature Soars Over 50 Degrees | Watch

Start with dicing the fruits into small pieces and drop them into the mould, and add some water to it. Put it into the freezer. This is a better substitute to the sugared-up popsicle that you get in the market. Try this recipe and be cool this summer. Also Read - Beat The Heat With These 5 Summer Coolers 

Check out the cool video below.