Sunny Leone’s condom ads have been getting mixed reactions for a very long time. However, the Bollywood actress’ sizzling ads and hoardings offended the legislators in Goa who have ordered to get the ads off buses. The authorities in Goa have banned condom advertisements featuring Sunny Leone from the buses claiming that they bring shame! This decision comes months after women marched around asking the law makers to pass a ruling against displaying ads for condoms, which promote safe sex. Sunny Leone has done various sensual ads for Manforce condoms, and these ads are now banned on Goa buses. Sunny Leone’s latest condom ad creates controversy: Goa Women’s commission asks for Manforce Jasmine Commercial to be removed.Also Read - Sunny Leone Plays With Sharks, Poses With Them in Dangerously Stunning Pics From Maldives

This decision was taken after various people complained that the ads made women feel uncomfortable. A Congress MLA from St. Andre Francis Silveira was quoted in the Goa legislative assembly, “These ads should not be displayed. It shames us.” The ads were displayed in Kadamba transport buses and have now been taken off as per the ruling. The lawmakers felt that the ad had a bad impression on the students and Goans who use the buses because condoms are such a bad thing. Durex Condoms Ad Shows Women Taking Charge of Safety During Sex! Watch #GirlsForDurex Video. Also Read - Sunny Leone Talks About Her IVF Going Bad: 'The Girls Didn’t Turn Into a Baby'

The new rule has made sure that the hazardous piece of plastic, whose use should actually be promoted to control the population as well as promote safe sex, be taken off the buses so people can go back to being conspicuous about condoms in our society. Condoms are absolutely essential for promoting safe sex and the best way to prevent the spread of several sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and AIDs. However, the legislators as well as a few women from NGOs got offended by the pictures on the ad and made sure that it was taken off. Durex condom ad: Watch Ranveer Singh enjoying sex and rapping #DoTheRex! Also Read - Sunny Leone on Madhuban Controversy, Trolls, Working With Salman Khan, Bigg Boss - INTERVIEW

Condoms have been promoted in different ways by various brands and even if they do use influential women like Sunny Leone to promote the use of condoms, the logic behind the idea that it ‘shames us’ is beyond any explanations. The entire incident has once again highlighted the low tolerance that people these days had and proved that those who want to get offended could be hurt and shamed and feel uncomfortable by anything, whether it is an ad for a product essential for safe sex or random movies with powerful stories. Meanwhile, we can only guess which is the next thing that will offend the people and be banned? The ads for drinks that sexualise fruits perhaps?