September 3: Another Indian politician has joined the bandwagon of those who have sparked innumerous controversies by their insensitive and outrageous remarks about Indian women and rapes. The left party Communist Party of India leader Atul Anjan on Thursday, sparked a row by saying that condom advertisements starring Bollywood actress Sunny Leone are responsible for the increasing number of rape cases in India. Also Read - With Dream of 'Rape-Free' India, Nagaland Citizens Begin Campaign to Offer Women Free Rides at Night

Anjan was speaking at a rally in Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh, when he suddenly began ranting on about condom ads, indicating that the ads are responsible for leading the minds of rapists astray and destroying their sensibility. Anajan repeatedly attacked Leone, saying that she is an Australian woman and director Mahesh Bhatt has caused trouble by bringing her in the film industry. Also Read: Sunny Leone to star opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Also Read - D Raja Replaces Sudhakar Reddy as CPI General Secretary

When asked by a reputed TV news channel if he was denying the existence of sexuality before the advent of condom ads, Anjan gave a very vague and unsatisfactory response, and continued to defend his statements. Watch the full video to hear what Anjan said about Leone and rapes in India. Also Read - CPI Likely to Lose National Party Status After Lok Sabha Poll Debacle