The rare total lunar eclipse is right adorning the skies worldwide. The Super Blue Blood Moon can be observed from various parts of the world including India. The rare celestial event is combination of blue moon, supermoon and total lunar eclipse. For the uninitiated, blue moon is the term used for a full moon when full moon appears twice in one month and supemoon is the term used when the Moon is closer to Earth in its orbit. Due to lunar eclipse the moon has reddish tinge as well and that’s why celestial event is also known as blood moon.Also Read - Lunar Eclipse 2021: What to Eat, Precautions For Pregnant Women and Other Crucial Things to Remember

Super Blue Blood Moon 2018: 3 Reasons Why January 31 is Special According to NASA

Super Blue Blood Moon 2018: 3 Reasons Why January 31 is Special According to NASA

“The reddish tint – which gives it the name ‘blood moon’ – happens due to “the effect of all the sunrises and sunsets all around the planet reflecting off the moon”, said NASA astrophysicist Michelle Thaller. The eclipse was visible for residents of North America, Alaska, Hawaii before sunrise today. On Twitter, tweeple are continuously tweeting about the event. Some are super excited about the same while some are tweeting jokes and memes. Here are some of the best funny Twitter reactions. Also Read - Chandra Grahan 2021: Longest Partial Lunar Eclipse Since 1440 To Be Visible in India Today. Check Timings

Here is the tweet by NASA: Also Read - Strawberry Moon 2021: When Can You See Last Full Moon of The Spring Season in India? Details Inside

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This lunar trifecta is a rare phenomenon and is occurring after more than quarter of a century. Yes, the last super blue blood moon was seen on December 30, 1982. Many are gazing at sky while many are checking the phenomenon on their screens. Did you see the super blue blood moon? What are your views on this triple treat? Let us know in the comments below.