India is all set to witness a super pink moon celestial phenomenon on April 7 late night till April 8 morning. The celestial event will take place from moonrise on Tuesday, April7 and will remain visible until Wednesday, April 8. This is going to be the second supermoon of the year which will be visible in the country. Also Read - Bollywood News Today, April 8: Vicky Kaushal, Parineeti Chopra, Dia Mirza And Other Celebs Enjoy The View of Pink Supermoon

What is Supermoon?

Supermoon is a full moon that is at its closest point to earth as the orbit of the earth is elliptical. It will be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than the normal full moon. Therefore, pink supermoon will be biggest and brightest in the year 2020. Also Read - Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse 2019: How to Watch First Chandra Grahan 2019 in India?

Why is the Moon called supermoon?

The pink supermoon will be closer to the earth in an average distance of 363,300 while normaly it is at an average distance of 405,500. Unlike Blood moons that hae a tinge of red to it, pink supermoon do not have a hint of pink. It gets its name from the pink wildflowers, that blosson oin the spring and are native to North America. Also Read - UFO Caught on Live NASA Broadcast of Lunar Eclipse? Claims of Alien Spaceship During Super Moon Goes Viral

When and Where to Watch?

The super pink moon will become the brightest at around 10:35 pm and it will continue till Wednesday around 8 am. Interestingly, supermoon will not only be visible today but will aslo be able to witness it for the next couple of days.

Were and How to Watch it?

There will be no harm to your eyes, you can watch it with naked eyes and no special glasses will be required to watch the eclipse. However, you’ll require a telescope to get a truly clear view.