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Gillette has partnered with Avengers: Age Of Ultron that releases on May 1st, 2015 to bring an absolutely legendary line of razors to suit your super needs to get virtually every hair off of your face. Do you still use an ordinary razor? You won’t after watching the latest advertisement from Gillette. Also Read - 'I am Gonna Track Down Your Address': Captain America AKA Chris Evans' Message to 6-Year-Old Hero Who Braved Dog Attack to Save Sister | WATCH

Gillette and Stark Industries have together left out the Hawkeye but catered to the demands of the A-list of superheroes. The new razors include the Repulsor for Tony Stark’s Iron Man using the Arc Reactor technology to shave facial hair. you can also use the special laser like Iron Man to shave because why wouldn’t you. Also Read - On Chris Evans' Birthday, Fans Gush Over Captain America's Old Tweets Calling Donald Trump 'Racist'-Lashing Homophobes

There are other razors to cater to the fans of the Hulk, Thor, Captain America as well as the actual product that you can buy – the Gillette Fusion ProGlide with Flexball Technology. Watch the amazing ad here and don’t miss the Aftermath video below.