A few days ago a story about an Iranian teenager Sahar Tabar started doing the rounds of social media stating that she underwent around 50 surgeries to look like Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. The photos released were so horrendous and shocking that the story soon became viral and people started wondering that why would somebody do such a thing and spoil their looks. Many started giving names to the Iranian teenager like the ‘corpse bride’ or ‘zombie’ and some wondered whether she did undergo the knife or if it was just a clever use of photoshop. Sahar Tabar has now come forward to dispel the rumours and reveal the truth behind her photos. She has explained in an interview that she does not look anything like the photos that were shared on the social media and it was all a hoax.Also Read - UK Watchdog Directs Facebook to Sell Online GIF Platform Giphy | Details Inside

In an interview given to Sputnik, she said, “It is Photoshop and makeup. Every time I publish a photo I make my face more fun. It is my way of self-expression, a kind of art. My followers know that this is not my real face.” Since the time she gave the interview some of her real pictures have come up on the internet and thankfully she does not look anything like the earlier images that were doing the rounds. Check out some of her photos below. Iranian Teenager Undergoes 50 Surgeries to Look Like Angelina Jolie (Pictures) Also Read - Cristiano Ronaldo Slams Ballon d’Or Chief After Lionel Messi Claim Seventh Record Title

The Corpse bride?

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Angelina Jolie lookalike

This is how she actually looks

Fortunately Sahar Tabar did not undergo those rumoured 50 plastic surgeries to look like Hollywood diva Angelina Jolie but she did have some liposuction, rhinoplasty and botox for lips. Anyway, it is heartening to know that it was only photoshop and makeup.