As the new traffic rules which have been implemented stringently in and around Delhi are much in discussion, a new finding has startled many. Also Read - Traffic fines: Here’s how to check and pay challan online instantly

According to a TOI report, cab drivers in Delhi are carrying condoms in their first-aid boxes apprehending that a hefty fine might be imposed, if they are found flouting the rule. Also Read - Motor Vehicle Amendment Act: Hyderabad Cops Help Motorists Buy Helmet For Violating Traffic Rules

But what’s the rule?

According to experts, it has nothing to do with the new traffic rules. It is compulsory for all public service vehicles to carry three condoms at all times. Condoms come handy in an emergency situation, for example, if the car meets a minor accident, it can be put to good use.

How? If someone starts bleeding, the condom can be used to stop it. If someone gets a fracture, a condom can be tied for the time being. A condom can hold up to three litres of liquid. So, it will come handy if anyone gets injured and starts bleeding.

So, will a driver be stopped while he’s driving and asked to fish out condoms from the first-aid box of their cabs?

According to officials, there is no such provision. Under Delhi Motor vehicles Rules (1993), it’s mentioned that a first-aid box should contain sterilised finger dressing, hand or foot dressing, body dressing, two large and three small burn dressings, two 15 grams packets of cotton wool, a bottle of 2% tincture iodine sal volatile, an empty bottle fitted with a dropper and a medicine glass. There is no mention of condoms.

Many NGOs distribute condoms among drivers to create awareness about safe sex, but there is no new traffic provision mandating it.

However, most of the drivers do not know why they are expected to carry condoms, which clearly negates the purpose of keeping it as an emergency measure in case the cab meets a mishap on road.