Surreal is the appropriate adjective, one will use first when they will reach the ice cave near Mutnovksy Volcano located in Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia. The ice cave has a translucent ceiling and it formed over the time because of the melting glaciers in Kamchatka Peninsula. The colourful ceiling has got its uneven yet curvy shape because of the translucent ice ceiling which allows sunlight to pass through. Also Read - Russian Couples Kiss Inside Packed Metro Trains to Protest Covid-19 Restrictions, Trigger Criticism

Mother nature never fails to surprise us with what all it posses. There is so much beauty embraced within the nature, which only gives you a little estimate of the enormous power it has. Remember any sci-fi movie you saw and wondered if there would really be a place like it in real.(ALSO READ: Hang Son Doong cave: World’s largest cave is a 2.5 million year old astounding beauty of nature!) Also Read - Pakistan Among Countries Funnelling Dirty Money to UK: Report

While you will still be wondering, there is always a place on the earth which is waiting to be discovered, it is just that when you start walking towards it then you come across it and that’s when you come in terms with the gift of nature. Also Read - Russian Version of TikTok? Company Run by Putin's Alleged Daughter Set to Launch 'Ya Molodets'

Such a beauty is this ice cave which is seldom visited by and not many feet have walked till here. Only those got to witness the magical experience of ice cave, who travel and search hard for it in the peninsular region of Kamchatka. There  are many more surreal places hidden on earth, waiting only to surprise us. Another such beautiful place is Ice Caves of Iceland. (ALSO READ: Kashmir ranks second to Switzerland in the most romantic destinations of the world)


We found beautiful pictures of the cave on the internet beautifully clicked by Denise Budkov, and we searched more in our curiosity and we came across a video clip of the ice-cave uploaded on youtube by Marc -Volcano- Szeglat.

Watch the video here and witness for your self, the ice cave of Kamchatka Peninsula:

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