New Delhi: The death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, has left Indians shocked and distressed with many trying to fathom why did he take such an extreme step. Meanwhile, as we mourn his loss, fans of the actor have shared throwback videos to show how kind and compassionate he was.Also Read - 'Ik Vaari Phir Se Aa Bhi Jaa Yaara': Amul's Emotional Tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput Will Reduce You to Tears

All through Monday, Twitter lauded his selfless act remembering the time when the actor contributed Rs 1 crore to the 2018 Kerala floods on behalf of a fan. Now, in another throwback video, Sushant’s sense of generosity is winning hearts, as he is filmed with a balloon seller.

In the video, as Sushant gets out of the car, a woman selling balloons approaches him for a photograph. He readily agrees and clicks a photo not only with the women but also with few others who join them later.

Further, in the video, he can be seen shaking hands with a few of his fans also.

A Twitter user shared the full version of the video and wrote, ”I couldn’t stop crying after watching this video, he was such a gem.”

The video has gone viral, with people applauding his down to earth personality and his generous nature:

Yesterday, fans dug out another video in which Sushant, who played the role of former India skipper MS Dhoni was seen playing with a bunch of kids. In the video, Sushant plays a couple of aerial shots and plays them perfectly.

May he find peace wherever he is!