Taking the daredevilry to another tangent altogether, a man grabs netizens’ attention by literally swimming with a shark and even posing by holding its jaw open. The incident took place at USA’s Cape Henlopen State Park Beach in Delaware.Also Read - Project 'Jedi Blue': Google, Meta CEOs Face Lawsuit For Collusion to Dominate Ad Market. Details Here

A number of sharks can be found both in the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean as per Fox News. However, certain specific species cannot be removed from water and according to Delaware laws, sand tiger and sandbar sharks must be immediately released to ensure their survival instead of being kept. Also Read - Meta Faces $3.1 Billion Lawsuit in UK Over Exploiting Users' Data. What You Need to Know

The video of the man’s daredevil stunt with the shark was shared on Facebook by a user, Rachael Foster who captioned it, “What a great way to spend Father’s Day!! We all had an amazing time ! Plus this guy caught this shark 3 cars down from us (sic).” Also Read - Watershed Moment In New York City: New Law Permits Noncitizens To Vote

Before anyone could point out the cruelty to the animal, Foster added, “For anyone commenting how this guy should’ve left the shark alone, or that this isn’t right you really need to educate yourself. He did this by the book and was totally legal with it ! His buddy simply caught a shark he went out opened his mouth to get the hook out, than he went deeper into water turned the shark around and released it! Please please read up on the Delaware laws and the proper way to release a shark that’s been caught (sic).”


Leaving netizens bewildered, the video grossed over 67k views. While one user wrote, “That’s so crazy (sic)”, another commented, “He caught with his hands! The fact that shark is even there is crazy! Go there all the tome (sic)” and yet another gushed, “There were two shark attacks in cape a couple weeks ago so I’m not surprised that there are sharks there especially considering it’s the ocean but this is a truly magical experience to witness this up close and personal. I with I could have been there to see it (sic).”

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