Fashion freaks like to push to boundaries when it comes to fashion. They are always in a zone of discovering new trends and set fashion goals. We all are aware of the trend of wearing a shirt over a t-shirt to go casual. However, this fashion trend has been taken too far by a high-end brand named Balenciaga. The fashion house’s ‘t-shirt shirt’, from its Fall 2018 collection, has bemused the internet, both for its aesthetic and its whopping price. Also Read - 5 Expensive Items Inside Birthday Boy Diljit Dosanjh's Wardrobe That Proves He Is A King Of All Quirky Things

The T-Shirt Shirt features a men’s crew neck t-shirt with a long sleeved buttoned shirt attached to the front. Touted to be the most bizarre shirt ever, it costs a staggering Rs 84000 (£935).  From the back, it seems like a normal tee, but from the front, it looks like something or more bizarre. Fashion lovers are not impressed with the confusing garment and have branded the T-Shirt Shirt as a ‘joke’, ‘bizarre’ and ‘WTF’ on social media. Also Read - 'Simple Joy Lies in Blue Denim'! Karisma Kapoor Struts in Her Statement T-shirt And Denim Look

The clothing item is up for sale and it is confusing the mere mortals like nothing before. Twitterati has come up with the funniest reactions to the fashion elite or a fashion faux pas, depending on your discretion. Also Read - Airport Officials Ask 10-Year-Old Boy to Remove His T-Shirt Because It Had a Snake Printed On It

Take a look at the funniest tweets:

This is not the first time the eccentricity of Balenciaga’s designs has received attention for the wrong reasons. Last year, the luxury brand was ridiculed for selling an “embossed leather skirt” that bore a striking resemblance to a rubber car mat. Meanwhile, Balenciaga remains the favourite label of Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, and Bella Hadid.