Why should a woman feel sorry for being successful? Why should she always be apologetic for her actions? She is brought up to feel sorry or say sorry for everything she does – good or bad. Jewellery brand Tanishq, continuing with its women-centric advertising, challenges the notion. Its latest advertisement or television commercial (TVC) shows that a successful woman needn’t feel sorry for it. But she has the choice to thank the people who have helped her on her way up. Also Read - 'Name Change Virus?' Internet Explodes With Memes After Gujarat Govt Renames Dragon Fruit As 'Kamalam'

The ad is created for Tanishq’s new brand of workwear jewellery, called Niloufer. It says, “Glittering rubies and glamorous diamonds crafted in contemporary designs, inspired by the Lotus flower or Niloufer, as the Persians call it. Celebrate beauty every single day with over 150 stunning jewellery pieces from this Collection.” Also Read - Women Take Over Protests For a Day to Mark 'Women Farmers' Day' Amid Ongoing Agitation

We are not sure how this pans out to showing someone buying and wearing Niloufer. But somewhere, it shows woman power – that she is successful in her business and has the power to buy her own jewellery. This thought was also there in the Katrina Kaif ad for the Titan Raga watch (owned by the Tatas just like Tanishq), where she drives down to meet her mother. Also Read - 18-Year-Old Arrested For Trying to Film Woman Inside Eatery's Toilet in Pune

Watch the new Tanishq TVC here and tell us if it makes you feel empowered as a woman, or respect the women in your life!