On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, celebrities are taking to social media to extend their wishes to their mentors. However, Bollywood director Ram Gopal Verma is not happy with the day and has expressed his anger towards his teachers who ‘miserably failed’ to make him a ‘good student and a good human being’. Earlier today, he took to the micro-blogging site Twitter to express his anger.Also Read - Sherlyn Chopra Accuses Ram Gopal Verma For Offering Her Adult Film And Sending Obscene Messages

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In the tweet, he wrote, “All my teachers miserably failed in making me a good student and a good human being. So I don’t know what to say about the TEACHER’S DAY. (sic)” Also Read - SHOCKING! Ram Gopal Verma calls Amitabh Bachchan a liar

In the continuous tweet, he went onto justify that his teachers were ‘bad’ and that it is the job of a good teacher to ‘make a bad student into a good student.’

He tweeted, “Even if I was a bad student, isn’t it the job of good teachers to make a bad student into a good student? ..Since they failed, hence proved that they were bad teachers. (sic)”

But it did not end there rather he concluded his tweet with a bizarre question. He asked if teachers celebrate teacher’s day by ‘drinking teacher’s whisky’. He tweeted, “Do Teachers celebrate TEACHER’S DAY by drinking TEACHER’S WHISKY? ..just asking! (sic)”

Recently, Ram Gopal Verma has been into buzz after actor Sherlyn Chopra alleged him for sending obscene messages Elaborating on the incident, she said that after she approached him for some work with her profile, the director sent her the script which only contained sex scenes. She also revealed that when she asked details about the project, he said that the film is for the adult market and she will be benefitted, just like Sunny Leone.