Dumka: In a shocking state of affairs, two Adivasi women from Dumka in Jharkhand along with their two minor daughters were rescued after they hid in a forest for nearly a month in a bid to escape torture and abuse at the hands of men. Also Read - Kerala Shocker: Woman Burnt, Force-fed Alcohol And Gangraped in Front of Son; Husband Among 5 Held

The women have alleged that they were forcibly confined in a factory they were employed in and physically abused, according to an Indian Express report. One of the women accused two men of gangraping her in the factory in Kengeri, following which an FIR was filed against two factory workers on May 23.

“The two people have been arrested. The owner of the factory is in Chennai and because of the Covid-19 situation there, we have not been able to go there. But an investigation is underway into the bonded labour allegations,” The Indian Express quoted DSP Om Prakash as saying.

The ordeal

Both the women who were employed at the factory in October were made to work for 15 hours at a stretch but were paid a meager salary in return. Given the inhumane treatment, the women escaped in January but a factory supervisor hunted them down and brought them back.

They were locked up, beaten, threatened with rape and their Aadhaar cards and phones were taken away. The women escaped again in Mid-March and hid in a forest in Kumbalagodu and stepped out only to ask for food from villagers.

Taking pity on their condition, a contractor offered them shelter at a building he owned but he too demanded sexual relations with them. Finally, their ordeal ended after the women were rescued with the help of volunteer groups who are helping with the migrant crisis.

The two women and their children are now under quarantine in Dumka and their Covid-19 test results are awaited.