New Delhi: As the country battles coronavirus and deals with the devastating aftermath of Cyclone Amphan, another danger in the form of locust attacks have wreaked havoc in many states.Also Read - After COVID-19 And Cyclone Amphan, India Stares at Locust Plague Threat; 3-km Long Swarm Spotted in Jhansi, District on High Alert

Locust refers to a large group of grasshopper species that invade a region in a swarming stage and devastate crops. According to reports, states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and UP have been battling the locust attack that reportedly emerged in East Africa.

As per TOI, locusts had entered Rajasthan in April and have covered 50,000 hectares of land so far. Uttar Pradesh has also reported the attacks and there is an alert for Maharashtra as well as Delhi.

The swarm, which has entered the country earlier than expected, is said to be the worst attacks in 27 years.

On Monday, residents of Jaipur woke up to the scary sight of thousands of locusts resting on their terraces and posted the terrifying videos on Twitter.

Watch some of the videos:

Expressing concerns for farmers and their crops, many wondered if 2020 is the last year for humankind:

The desert locust is considered the most destructive migratory pest in the world and a single swarm covering one square kilometre can contain up to 80 million locusts.

As per The Hindu, a swarm of desert locust can consume (or destroy) food that would suffice the hunger need of 35,000 people, assuming that one person consumes around 2.3 kg of food every day.