Climate change is real and this year it has given full indications for all the naysayers and non-believers. The Northern Hemisphere is witnessing extremely cold climate and people all over United States, Canada, Siberia, Russia and other countries are facing the bitter cold. World’s hottest desert Sahara has turned into a winter wonderland, Niagara Falls has frozen, the world’s coldest village Oymyakon has registered a temperature of minus 62 degrees, and penguins in Calgary Zoo Canada have to be sheltered and protected. Owing to this climate change, people in Texas were caught unawares when they experienced snowfall after more than 10 years. The Texans have found weird ways to scrape ice and snow from their car’s windshield and these strange videos are cracking people up on social media.Also Read - Millions of Phone Numbers of Clubhouse Users 'Up For Sale' on Dark Web

People were really excited and called it Christmas miracle when they saw fluffy ice and snow descending from the skies last year but now the initial euphoria and excitement is turning into a nuisance and a cause of concern as people are now finding it difficult to get rid of the snow. Social media is flooded with people finding weird ways to combat this problem like scraping ice using a Frisbee or a clothes hanger. Viral Video Shows Rare Phenomenon of Waves of Ice Crashing Against Dock in North Carolina Also Read - 'Issued By Malafide': Karnataka High Court Quashes UP Police Notice to Twitter India MD

Directives and guidelines have been circulated in United States for people to drive safely during icy conditions. Sample a few tweets below that present the best ice scrapers in town. Oymyakon, World’s Coldest Village Records a Temperature of -62°C Before Breaking the Thermometer Also Read - Diverting Attention From Non-compliance With Rules: Govt on Twitter’s Concern Over Freedom of Speech

Using a Frisbee

A broom

Titos Vodka

Don’t know how to scrape ice off


This ice scraping is a tough job

Innovative use of hangers

Good advice

Cold Water is better

A word of caution

The Texans are really coming up with innovative ways to tackle the ice problem on the windshields of their cars while the rest of United States are coping with driving on slippery roads in icy conditions.