Kadapa: Continuing with the trend of keeping names of newborn babies after coronavirus, Andhra Pradesh’s Kadapa district also now has two babies named as ‘Corona Kumar’ and ‘Corona Kumari’. Also Read - Now Newborn Baby Boy Named 'Lockdown' in Madhya Pradesh to Hail Fight Against Coronavirus

The babies, born to two women in Vempalli in Kadapa, were named Corona Kumar and Corona Kumari after the suggestion of the attending doctor who performed a C-section on both the mothers, identified a Shasikala and Ramadevi.

While Sasikala delivered a baby girl, Ramadevi delivered a baby boy.

“My wife was suffering from labour pain. We brought her to the hospital. It is corona time but we had no option. She was operated upon and the girl was born at 9am on Sunday. We named her Corona Kumari, as the doctor advised,” the baby girl’s father said.

The baby girl’s mother Sasikala also said that she agreed to the doctor’s idea of naming her daughter Corona Kumari, as she was born during the global pandemic.

In the second case of Ramadevi too, Dr Basha said that he had recommended the names to the parents, to increase awareness on the global pandemic. The grandfather of the baby boy said that he agreed to the doctor’s suggestion of naming the child Corona Kumar.

“My daughter had pains during this corona outbreak time. We admitted her to the hospital. There, she delivered a baby boy. The doctor suggested the name Corona Kumar. We accepted it,” he said.

Many on social media have pointed out that it was a bizarre decision and wondered about what would happen to the children when they grow up.

Just last week, two families in Uttar Pradesh named their babies ‘Corona’ and ‘Lockdown’ to hail fight against coronavirus.

(With ANI inputs)