Urine therapy is an alternative medical option in which the urine is used for various medical and cosmetic use. The urine is used to massage on skin, apply to the gums or even consuming one’s urine for therapeutic benefits. Although traditionally urine therapy is no taboo, but what would happen if people turn to such a method today? Watch this video to know the reaction of these bunch of people about urine therapy. Also Read - Coronavirus Update: Pasteurised Breast Milk Inactivates COVID-19 Virus

The Buzzfeed group is back with what they do best, try peculiar things and this time the bunch of people are up to drink their own pee for the first time. It is amusing to watch these bunch of people trying to drink their own pee for the very first time.(ALSO READ: Watch how these adults reacted after drinking breast milk!) Also Read - Mother's Milk Flown 1000 Km From Leh to Delhi Daily For Three Weeks to Feed Ailing Baby in Hospital

This is not the first time that the Buzzfeed group has come up with something so different. They have tried all the weird and atrocious dishes in the world, and now they are going to try their own pee for the very first time! Although some holistic healing practices suggest drinking ne’s own urine for various conditions, but there is no scientific basis for this. Also Read - French Baker Uses Woman's Urine From Public Toilets to Make Bread, Here's the Reason Why