The Ganges or Ganga is considered the holiest river by Hindus and is worshipped like a goddess in Hinduism. It is one of the major rivers o the Indian subcontinent. But even though it is considered pure, it is not at all hygienic.Also Read - It's Time to DITCH Your Loofah- Here's Why!

And the reason is nothing but human involvement – people defecate, sacrifice dead bodies, wash clothes and utensils and even bathe in the water body. An estimated 2,000,000 people bathe in the Ganges as a ritual. Nearly 89 million litres of sewage is deposited daily into the river. Also Read - Namami Gange Creates Guinness World Record For Most Photos With Handwritten Notes on Facebook

Nobody seems to care about the E Coli growth! The bacteria are responsible for major waterborne diseases like kidney failure, dysentery, and food poisoning and could also lead to death in serious cases. Also Read - Delhi: DGCA Orders Reducing Height of 4 Vasant Kunj Buildings, Leaves Residents Worried

This video encourages you to do something about Mother Ganga. It nudges you to educate at least one percent of the people about this issue, who will make more people aware and in turn we may bring the Ganges back to life.

Watch the video below to know more about this Save the Ganga campaign.