Mirzapur: Even the very mention of a snake makes us squeamish, so you can well imagine the horror of a man who discovered that a cobra had slithered into his pants! Yes, the shocking and terrifying incident happened in Uttar Pradesh’s Mirzapur where a labourer, named Lovekesh Kumar slept along with other workers in an Anganwadi centre in the village after completing some electrical work. Also Read - Two Cobras Spotted by Children in West Bengal's Jalpaiguri District School, Later Released in Forest

Suddenly, at midnight he felt a little uncomfortable as he noticed something crawling in his jeans. Turns out, it was a cobra! Aghast at what had happened, he stood for a whole night without moving so as to not disturb the snake, according to a Live Hindustan report.

Call it luck or a miracle, the snake did not bite Lovekesh during the 7 hours that he spent standing.

Meanwhile, he also alerted his coworkers who ran into the village to get a snake catcher. It was only in the morning that snake rescuers arrived on the spot and carefully tore his pants to take the snake out!

They had also arrived with medical assistance and ambulance in case the snake bit him. Fortunately, both the snake and the man were safe.