What can be more horrifying than this? A man in New York received the shock of his life after he fell through a 12-feet sinkhole and ended up trapped underground with rats!Also Read - Watch: Shocking Video of Rats Running Around Inside ICU of Tamil Nadu Govt Hospital Goes Viral

The incident happened on Saturday when 33-year-old Leonard Shoulders was waiting for a bus on 3rd Avenue in the Bronx. However, he fell more than a dozen feet into a sinkhole when a pavement suddenly caved in.

More horror awaited him as he couldn’t even shout for help as there were hundreds of large rats in the sinkhole, who were crawling all over him. Thankfully, bystanders saw him and alerted the authorities.

“He couldn’t move, and the rats were crawling all over him. He didn’t scream, because he didn’t want the rats going into his mouth,” his brother, Greg White told the New York Daily News.

He was stuck there for almost an hour when emergency crews managed to pull him out. Soon after he was hospitalized with a broken arm and leg in the incident and is now said to be recovering at home.

Shoulder’s mother told NBC New York, “It could have been anyone. It could have been anyone it was a whole scary situation. It was my son and thank God he’s alive. He went down feet first. He was just standing and the sidewalk just… it was like a suction. Like a sinkhole. He just went down.”

The Department of Buildings, which is investigating the incident, said in a statement: “Potential enforcement actions are pending the results of that investigation.

“The Full Vacate Order is still in effect, and a construction fence has been erected around the building in the interest of public safety.”