Amroha: Typos usually have a habit of turning up in wrong places, especially when there’s a lot at stake. The same happened in a case in Uttar Pradesh, where a typographical error proved to be a literal nightmare for a family.Also Read - These 4 Cities Account For More Than 50% of Coronavirus Deaths in the Country

The case pertains to a 66-year-old man, who was suffering from cold and sore throat and was admitted to a hospital in Moradabad for treatment.

To ascertain whether he was infected with Covid-19 or not, his blood sample was collected and sent to Aligarh laboratory last week. Finally, the report arrived on Monday night which showed that he was corona positive.

The distressing news panicked everyone, following which eight members of his family were quarantined and the health officials started tracking all those who had been in contact with the family.

However, later when the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) sought confirmation of the report, the Aligarh laboratory sent another report saying that the patient was Corona negative.  There was a typographical error in the earlier report which stated that the patient was corona positive.

After the confusion cleared, the man was discharged and five members of his family who had been admitted to the hospital were also allowed to go home.

Amroha CMO Megh Singh said, “The test report of a Nauganva Sadat local was misprinted. As per the earlier report, he was shown COVID-19 positive but when we reconfirmed the same, he was corona negative and the mistake was a typing error.”